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Happy Wednesday my amazing blogger family, how the heck are you? I hope you are doing well! This has already been a super crazy week and I feel like its barely even started. And tonight when I should be working I get to go to a business awards gala. Don’t get me wrong I actually don’t mind networking but not at the busiest time of the year, when I should be working! Thankfully my outfit is super cute and I am pretty excited about it.

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

Based on the love you have shown me over on Instagram I think that Swim Week 2019 is off to an amazing start. I am so excited that everyone is loving the suits as much as I do.

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

This second installment features not a new brand per se but a new brand for swim – ModCloth! I realized after working with them last year that I had never tried their swim and it was super cute. So I reached out to the team and they sent me a couple of suits to try – thank you! *All opinions are my own, as always. *

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

Being true to their retro aesthetic you will find that ModCloth has a great variety of suits to choose from with a good compliment between one pieces and bikinis. But what you won’t find is tankinis which I was actually a little surprised about.

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

Some of their swim is made by other brands such as Esther Williams and One Bathing Beauty. Keep in mind when you are checking out the selection that these brands have different sizing than the ModCloth namesake label and can often run small. The price point is also very comparable to other brands with separates ranging from $39 US to $59 US and one pieces from $79 US to $99 US. Bikini pieces are purchased separately so this is perfect if you are two different sizes on top and bottom.

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

If you are not a fan of bright colours and fun prints and patterns I am not sure if ModCloth swim is right for you. There a few pieces that are solid or darker colours but I think the collection is more for someone looking for some fun and whimsy in their swim pieces. And that is definitely me.

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

The one complaint that I do have overall is that I was really sad to see that there were A LOT of suits that only go up to a size 3x. There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it as there were both one pieces and bikinis that I loved that didn’t come in my size. It’s also frustrating to shop as I expect that ModCloth label suits are available in all sizes. It was crappy to click through and be disappointed. So that’s my question to ModCloth – what is up with the sizing? You are supposed to be size inclusive! Just because someone wears a size 4x doesn’t mean they don’t want to have the same options as everyone else.

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

Some of you are probably surprised to see me in a one piece as I am pretty vocal about how much I don’t like them. But I know that many of you are still not comfortable wearing a bikini and actually enjoy a one piece so I thought I would give one a try so I could give you a fair review as they do have a great selection of one pieces.

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

I chose this suit because of its bold horizontal stripe pattern and strong vibrant colour pattern. The combination makes a powerful statement and is perfect for tropical vacations and lounging by the pool. I also really liked the strappy details in the front and back of the suit.

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

This is a high quality suit made of durable fabric and is fully lined. I am wearing the 4x and honestly I feel like it runs small. Getting this sucker on was a challenge especially over my hips and butt. I think this is part of the reason that I tend to stay away from one pieces.

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

It also has a halter neckline which well I totally love the look of it and what it does for the girls, it does put a bit of strain on your neck if you have a large chest. So I am just saying be aware! I also think if you have a long torso that you might find this too short. If you are not big on stripes this suit also comes in a variety of different prints and colours.

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

I styled both of these suits with a cover up and accessories that work for both of them. That way if you are going on vacation you can easily mix and match and pack less! One thing ModCloth doesn’t offer is cover ups. But don’t worry I immediately told them they need to get on it lol. I used this cover up that I had from this past summer from Curve Girl. A long shirt type one is perfect for providing coverage from the sun but still being lightweight.

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

I also highly recommend that you check out ModCloth‘s great selection of accessories. These earrings and sunnies were the perfect items to complete this look and make it a little bit special and unique.

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

Now let’s talk about this bikini because I am officially in love! And yes I know I love a lot of things but this one is just that little bit extra special. You know I can’t resist a great floral print and I loved that this one was so colourful but at the same time it was muted.

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

Probably my favourite thing about this suit is I consider it a traditional bikini. The bottoms are not high waisted, just a simple mid rise, there is no super suckers or power mesh in them, just a good lining and you can actually breathe. And the top is a bikini top made for bigger busts. It’s not long lined to try and cover up our fat (which honestly doesn’t work because it just rides up), it has a traditional bra closure and removable straps.

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

In contrast to the one piece this suit fits perfectly. I am wearing the size 4x in both the top and bottom. And there was plenty of room for my booty. The top also accomodates my H cups and has underwire to provide the proper support but is still comfortable. I also like that it has a true removable and adjustable strap but also a halter option. This way I can wear both straps and get the look of a halter but not the neck strain.

Mustangsallytwo x ModCloth

Overall I would say that I would definitely look to ModCloth swim for something that is unique and matches my personal aesthetic but I think I am going to steer clear of one pieces! This post also contains affiliate links which I may earn a small commission from. These allow me to continue to provide you with amazing content. Stay tuned for the final installment on Friday and leave me a comment as to which suit is your fave and why below.

Special thanks to Rebecca of Rebecca Northcott Photography for capturing these images.

Shop Look #1 here:

Swimsuit by MODCLOTH | Cover up by CURVE GIRL | Sunglasses by MODCLOTH | Earrings by MODCLOTH | Bag by MODCLOTH |

Shop Look #2 here:

Bikini Top by MODCLOTH | Bikini Bottom by MODCLOTH |
Cover up by CURVE GIRL | Sunglasses by MODCLOTH | Earrings by MODCLOTH | Bag by MODCLOTH |

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  1. Richard 3 months ago

    Wow, each pic in this series just keeps getting better and better. I was gonna say I liked 1, but then the next 1 I like even more. They are both beautiful suits. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a revealing bikini on a full figured woman, who looked so good wearing it! Maybe you will inspire other plus size women to dress like that on the beach, though I doubt anyone else could look as nice as you. If the beaches weren’t so full of size 2 model wannabees, maybe I’d still go more often. I can’t believe I read the other day the a model who’s a size 8 would be considered plus size! I mean maybe places that don’t sell plus sized clothes wouldn’t wanna show a size 26/28 model, but come on! I mean aren’t smaller sizes cut different from larger ones? I thought half the population is above a size 14, shouldn’t the avg model be closer to the norm? Another stereotype perpetuated by society. I for one, would much rather see someone curvy like you than a ‘typical’ size 2/4 malnourished supermodel.

    Thank you, Lisa.

    Your fan, Richard


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