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Happy Monday blogger fam, how was your weekend, is it getting chilly in your neck of the woods?  Thankfully the weather was pretty good for us this weekend after our first major snow fall on Thursday.  Having said that it took me a few hours to get warm after my photo shoot yesterday.  And I had a little run in with some mud.  I tell you this blogger life is not as glamorous as many people may think!  But we did get the shot, so I guess I get an A for effort. Now if only my Mom was still visiting and could do the laundry lol.

Mustangsallytwo x ModclothIt’s going to be another crazy week in my world, as I gear up for next weekend when we shoot this year’s Holiday Double Slay!  I am really excited but still feeling like I can’t get my butt in gear when it comes to delivering content for you guys which of course makes my anxiety kick in.  But I just got a big project done at work and I am starting to feel like I can breathe a bit.

Mustangsallytwo x ModclothFor today’s post I am featuring a brand that is near and dear to my heart but I realized, I have never officially featured on the blog – Modcloth!

Mustangsallytwo x ModclothWhat I have always loved about Modcloth is their girly retro vibe but more importantly, their support of women, women’s empowerment and social and political issues that impact women.  Did you know that they closed down their entire operations, including the website on election day to provide their employees with the opportunity to vote?  I personally thought that was a big move and sent a great message.

Mustangsallytwo x ModclothAs a brand they also get what it means to be size inclusive, they offer sizes XXS to 4x, they have started offering wide width shoes and they do a great job of transitioning pieces from straight sizes to a true plus size fit.  There is still some work to be done with their collaborations with outside brands which often do not come in the full size range (I shed a lot of tears over the Anna Sui collab) but I do find they are very receptive to feedback.

Mustangsallytwo x ModclothI have had this particular look since September but thankfully for all of you it is still in stock, because honestly I am absolutely obsessed with it from head to toe!  I posted a sneak peek of it on Instagram and several people commented that I had a suggestive look on my face and a spy vibe so that is wear the name of this post comes from.

Mustangsallytwo x ModclothI am always nervous to order pants from a brand for the first time because well you just never know how they are going to fit.  They are like my krypton.  Good thing  Anna of the blog Glitter and Lazers works extensively with Modcloth and knows their fit inside and out.  And it definitely helps that she is a similar shape to me.  Based on her feedback I decided to give these gorgeous velvet pants a try and I am glad I did.

Mustangsallytwo x ModclothThese pants are a basic staple wide leg pant with an elastic waist in one of the hottest fabrics of the season – velvet.  They are also available in this amazing citron green shade.  I definitely think I need to scoop up that colour.

Mustangsallytwo x ModclothSo the true test for me with pants like these is if I actually get a true wide leg fit.  More often than not, wide leg pants will be tight in the thighs and then they will look ridiculous on me below the knee.  But not with these ones, I got a long lean straight line that I absolutely love.  And because the waist is elastic I didn’t have to worry about having the dreaded gap.  I am wearing the 4x in these pants and I would actually consider trying the size 3x for comparison.  These pants do accommodate tall gals as I am 5’6 and you can see that they were a little long because I was wearing flats and hadn’t had a chance to get them hemmed.  So if you are petite you will need to get them hemmed but it shouldn’t be too costly to do a straight hem.

Mustangsallytwo x ModclothI wanted to create a bold and colourful look so I decided to pair them with this jacket.  Hands down I think this is the best fitting jacket/blazer I have ever owned. I couldn’t believe it when I tried it on.  All the proportions are spot on for my body and it was comfortable!


Mustangsallytwo x ModclothThe texture and colour palette of this piece are so on trend with its 70’s vibe and rich vibrant fall colours.  The things you could pair this jacket with are endless.  I love that it has ¾ length sleeve and is fully lined in gorgeous purple satin.  It accentuates my curves in all the right places.  I am wearing the 4x.

Mustangsallytwo x ModclothIn keeping with a jewel tone palette I decided to layer this simple mock neck violet sleeveless blouse underneath.  I am also wearing a 4x in this and for a blouse in a material that doesn’t stretch I was satisfied with the fit.  One day I will design shirts made for us pear shaped gals!  This is a perfect staple piece for your closet that would look great with a midi or pencil skirt too.

Mustangsallytwo x ModclothAnother great thing about Modcloth is that it is a one stop shop that sells shoes and accessories.  And their shoe selection is amazing, there are so many fun retro pieces.  I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed this summer that they started offering wide widths.  There is still work to be done if expanding the offering but the fit is great.  These navy t-straps were perfect for this look and they are affordable at only $39.95.  I wear a 9W in their shoes.

Mustangsallytwo x ModclothYou can’t have Parisian flare without a beret, the must have accessory this fall.  They definitely remind me of my younger days and I couldn’t resist buying a few this fall.  This one is also from Modcloth.  I then added a fun set of tassel earrings and one of my classic Coach bags in a rich purple.

Mustangsallytwo x Modcloth

So this secret agent is officially ready for her next assignment and I am looking forward to tackling it in full style of course!  Do you have an assignment for me?  Drop me a comment!

Special thanks to Kate of Kate McG Photography for capturing this look.  And please give her some love as she joins the Mustangallytwo family!

Jacket by MODCLOTH | Pants by MODCLOTH | Top by MODCLOTH | Shoes by MODCLOTH | Beret by MODCLOTH | Bag by COACH (alternative here) |



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