Dance Like No One’s Watching

Happy Monday my loyal blogger fam, how was your weekend?  I have to admit I had some ups and downs this weekend but overall I was happy to get in some relaxing and today is another week so whatever didn’t get done can always get done now.  The more important question is are you ready for another fun filled week of lingerie looks from my series, “Soul to Skin – An Exposé on Fat Love”?  The more I get into the series, the more excited I am as I have been overwhelmed with the support and encouragement you have shown.  I wasn’t sure what the reaction would be but I honestly couldn’t be happier and that is all because of you.  And let’s just say the hashtag #notyourbaby has been getting used a lot in response to unwanted male attention and it has felt great!

Mustangsallytwo x Torrid

For today’s post we are going to talk about one of the top brands in my opinion for offering an extensive collection of lingerie in extended sizes and that is TorridTorrid offers up to a size 6 or 30 and they are known for their generous sizing.  So it is great to know that I can actually size up if I need to depending on the piece.  And they don’t discriminate based on size, if they make something in a size 00, it also comes in a 6.  They have also made significant strides with improving their bra collection in 2018 by introducing the Curve Body and 360 Smoothing collections.  They have also increased their size range and there are now many more options available in F, G & H cups.  Torrid takes the design of their intimates very seriously so they usually start with introducing the smaller cup sizes first and then work their way up.  My request? – please make more options in a 46 to 50 G and H cup and beyond.  I get a lot of women asking me where to find these sizes because they are so difficult to find but the demand is there.  And if you look at the size chart versus how to find your bra size it makes sense that there are size options lacking.  And this is by no means just a Torrid problem, it is common for all plus size retailers who carry above a size 24.

For example, based on the size chart a size 4 bust measurement is 56 to 58 inches.  My bust measures in at 57 inches and I can either wear a 44 or 46 band depending on the bra.  So that means technically I have a 11 to 13 inch difference and an H cup is supposed to be a 9 inch difference.  A size 5 has a 60 to 64 inch bust measurement so say you wore a larger band size, maybe a 50 and were an H cup, you would just be on the verge of a size 5 bust measurement.  So what happens for a size 6?  Either we need bigger band widths or bigger cup sizes or both.  That is just my food for thought on the subject!

Mustangsallytwo x Torrid

But let’s talk about my love for this set.  I think if you have been following me for long enough you know that I definitely have a love for vintage and retro vibes and like to incorporate those into my wardrobe and style.  So when I saw this black and white gingham set with the high waisted panties I basically had to have it.  A plunge push up bra is my favourite style because it gives the girls the support they need, they work well under low cut tops and the center is cut low enough to allow for the fact that there is one full cup size difference between my two breasts.  If I get a bra where the center is too high then inevitably one breast is spilling out too much or the wire doesn’t lay flat.  And this is definitely not an attractive look!  I am wearing the 44G in this style and because of the plunge I can get away with a G cup.  I love the red bow accent and the scalloped lace trim.  The panties are so incredibly comfortable, they don’t dig in, they sit up nice and high and they aren’t too tight at the leg.  This is honestly what I love to wear, it’s still cute and sexy but provides coverage and support.  It’s a set you would want to wear all day long.

Mustangsallytwo x Torrid

I decided to add to the retro vibe by adding this crinoline which is also from Torrid but unfortunately sold out right now.  I just loved the feeling of the look.  And for a little extra fun I added my black heels but was realistic and wore ones I can actually wear!  I think being comfortable and feeling sexy in lingerie is about being unapologetically you.  When you are authentic to you and forget what society says is “supposed” to be sexy you develop your own sense of what it is to feel sexy.  I remember my photographer commenting on how much fun I had shooting this look.  I was laughing, smiling, and I danced up a storm, in my heels!  So when I was writing this it reminded me of the song “Dance Like No One’s Watching” which talks about embracing life fully.  It reminded me of how far I have come in my journey and how important it is to continue to remind all of you that should live your best life now no matter your size.

Thank you to Katie of Katiuska Idrovo Photography for the experience of a lifetime.  I love that you see the beauty in women of all shapes and sizes.

Bra by TORRID | Panties by TORRID | Crinoline by TORRID (sold out) | 

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  1. Dave 11 months ago

    Oh so you tell gingham for vichy!

    I do not know if you know but the Vichy (gingham) style is a style of the center of France.
    Vichy is a city of water which is very famous for its thermal cure and its pellets of Vichy. It is also a city built of different style, a bit like you in each of your blogs!

    I particularly like this lingerie Lisa.

    Bravo for the shooting!

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