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Happy Monday blogger fam, how are you doing?  Did you have an awesome weekend?  Mine was jam packed with photo shoots and a special project but I can’t wait for you to see the results of everything we did, I think they are going to be awesome.  We are starting the week off with another instalment in my “Soul to Skin – An Exposé on Fat Love” series.  The feedback and comments that I received on the last instalment were so meaningful to me.  Hearing from all of you affirmed that I had made the right decision choosing to do this so thank you!

Today’s post is about doing something you want to do but might be afraid to because of your size.  My amazing photographer Katie did some renovations to her studio this year and she added some amazing new sets.  To highlight all the possibilities of these new sets she did some shoots with various models as she works with professionals and agencies.  When she posted photos on her Instagram account of the bathtub set with this gorgeous model in lavender lingerie and a tub filled with lavender coloured water and flowers I instantly fell in love.  You all know how much I love my flowers and floral prints and any shade of purple is my favourite colour.  I remember saying in my head, someday I want to do this.

Mustangsallytwo x Penningtons

So when I decided to go ahead and book the whole boudoir experience, I chose this as one of my sets.  I am not going to lie, I was a bit anxious about it, I knew the tub was big because we had used the bathroom for another shoot but could we get the same effect as I obviously take up more space.  I was also concerned about the ability to pose in the way that I needed to as I knew that it is more of a challenge lying down.  And finally, I wondered how my body would look in this tub taking up the space that it would.  Well as you can see from these photos, I did it! And if I do say so myself, the results are simply amazing!  I was so darn proud of myself when I saw the proofs from this look and I realized that I shouldn’t sell myself short.  A lot of people make assumptions that fat people can’t do things.  And well yes that might be true, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try.  Maybe you just need to modify how you do it or take a different approach.  My best advice is to not miss out on life experiences because you let fear prevail.  And you know what?  If this hadn’t been successful that would have been okay too because the important thing was I tried and from that you learn and you grow.

Ok, now for the deets on this beautiful matching bra and panty set from Canadian brand Penningtons.  When it comes to lingerie in Canada, Pennington’s sister store, Additionelle is more well known because they carry Ashley Graham’s line.  But I have to say Penningtons has really stepped up their game in 2018 and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this set.  They have also increased their size offering now carrying many styles in G and H cup and up to a 46 band in an H cup!  I am wearing a size 44H in this bra and the fit was perfect.  This is the Gisella which has a low and sexy silhouette that is perfect for low cut dresses and tops but still provides great support.  I paired it with these gorgeous hipster cheeky lace panties.  They provide full coverage but a ton of sex appeal with their lace back and cut.  I am wearing the 4x in these.  This is the largest size the panties are available in but I would definitely give these a try if you wear a 5x in the regular cotton panties as the fit is generous.

Mustangsallytwo x Penningtons

Now do you want to hear the best part?  This set is on major clearance right now –  you can get the bra and panties for only $28 Cdn (about $21 US) so what are you waiting for?  Get shopping lol!  And yes they do ship to the US!

This post does contain affiliate links from which I may earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase.  This helps to keep the blog going and to provide quality content.

Thank you to Katie of Katiuska Idrovo Photography for the experience of a lifetime.  I love that you see the beauty in women of all shapes and sizes.


  1. Dave 1 year ago

    this is a very successful essay Lisa! it seems so easy for you to succeed what you undertake,you easily kill all these barriers that many women do not dare to imagine!
    everything you do is a real success.
    go on go on, show us what happiness really is!
    Wonderful lavender lingerie

  2. Shannon 1 year ago

    Lisa, as you know we are a very similar size/shape…and I have to say these shots in the tub are amazing. AND you look comfortable! Lol
    Whoever chose your hair/makeup for this is a genius, the red lips really pop and bring it all together. This lavendar set is great and I was so happy to see your comments and experience with it,as I have had it for a while now and love it. I completely agree with you re. Sizing as well (in case anyone else was nervous,I typically also wear a 28,but have the 4x in these and they fit fantastically!).
    LOVE these pics!

    • Author
      mustangsallytwo 1 year ago

      Thanks hun! My photographer is the hair & make up magician, she is a triple threat! I am glad to hear I am not the only one because these undies are amazing 💜

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