Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and were able to soak up some sunshine and fresh air.  We had some rain and sunshine and it was a little chillier than I would have liked but I was grateful for the sun for the jam packed photo shoot we did on Sunday.  I am so excited for the amazing content that is going to be coming your way!

So I have been sitting on these looks for awhile now due to my crazy schedule but its time to feature some more love for Dia&Co.  If you haven’t read my first post on this amazing styling service brand that caters to plus sizes 14 to 32, then you need to check it out for the detailed scoop on how the service works.  You can click here to give it a read.

I have been super fortunate to have spent the last few months continuing to test out the service and overall I am super impressed.  There have definitely been some challenges with getting sizing right depending on the brand, the style, the cut and the material but overall I think we have done pretty well.  I have been able to try to the exchange process which actually is amazing because they send you the new sizes right away so you don’t have to wait for them to receive the original ones and if you want to compare the two sizes and see which you like better, you can.

And yes there have been a couple of instances where the size I needed was sold out but sometimes that is life.  I did use the online chat service with customer support and I received amazing service and she was able to find me the pieces I was looking for in a different colour which I actually liked better so it was a win win.  I really appreciate their focus on customer service.

A lot of my followers and readers have asked me about the service and why I choose to use it when I have great style myself and I don’t get to pick the items that come in my box.  There are a couple of reasons.  First, I really enjoy having someone else continue to push me outside of my comfort zone by choosing pieces that I wouldn’t normally choose myself.  I have given my stylist the complete freedom to send me whatever she likes.  And while it may seem easy to get a sense of what my style is from my social media account and blog, there have definitely been a couple of misses along the way.  But I don’t let that bother me because with no risk there is no reward.  And the number of pieces I have loved far outweighs a few not so perfect ones.

If you are already a Dia customer and you have set strict guidelines for what you get in your box you might want to ask yourself if you are truly getting the full experience.  I love that Dia uses the phrase “Style is a Journey” because it most definitely is.  As you become more comfortable with wearing clothes that make you feel and look great you will find the courage to step outside of your own comfort zone.  If you just look at the pictures of some of Dia’s long term customers you will see the evolution in how they feel and look and the risks they are willing to take with fashion.  Remember fashion should be fun!

The second reason is that they give me options to brands in my size that quite frankly I can’t get anywhere else.  They have put their customer first and if a brand wants to work with them then they need to make the pieces in their full size range.  As an extended size I have immense respect for the amount of work they have put into making this a reality and standing their ground.  Because every customer should have the opportunity to try all styles.  Because I firmly believe style is sizeless and ageless.

One example is Slink Jeans.  I have been dying to try to their jeans since they first announced they were launching the brand. Of course I was beyond disappointed when I found out they were only going up to a size 24.  But when I found out Dia was carrying them up to a 32 I requested to try a pair and I am now the proud owner of 3 different pairs of Slink Jeans and I love them!

And then there is the latest nanette by NANETTE LEPORE line that is exclusive to Dia.  I have always discounted my ability to wear designer clothes since I was a teenager because they never came in my size.  So when I have the opportunity now to try something you better be darn sure that I am going to go for it now because I am not left disappointed.  I am getting a few pieces from this gorgeous collection and I can’t wait to share them with you.

So these are just a few of the reasons I think trying Dia should definitely be on your list.  But let’s talk about these outfits that I created from one of my boxes.  They are looks that can easily be transitioned to warmer weather.

For the first look I took this sassy red skater dress that I received and decided that I wanted to add some edge to it with my leather moto jacket from all 67, the amazing new brand that I also featured on the blog in the fall.  Well this is the jacket that I had made for myself and Jeff was so good to me that he added some custom elements like this pop of gold in the one sleeve.  This jacket is an investment staple piece that will stand the test of time in my closet.  And the fit is beyond amazing.  If you are interested in a quality leather jacket designed to fit your curves then be sure to check them out.  And tell them that I sent you!

When I styled this look the weather was cooler so I added these leggings from Torrid and these booties from RWN by RAWAN.  And yes you read write, these are leggings.  I stumbled across these when I was perusing their site one day and I thought they were absolutely genius because they take away the worry of chafing and chub rub as they are normal legging material till about mid thigh and then the mesh looks like you are wearing nylons/tights.  With a bootie you never know this!

And the ruching effect on this particular style is so fun.  And are these booties not fabulous?  I love the lace up detail and the block heel.  The fit is amazing on them and I didn’t have to struggle with getting the zipper done up around my ankles.  I added some metallic accessories and one of my favourite Coach bags to complete the look.  Now that the weather is warmer you could easily loose the leggings and booties and wear a simple pair of flats or jazz it up with some heels.  These dress is definitely perfect for all seasons.



This second look was outside of my comfort zone for sure as I can’t say I am really a sweater dress kind of girl.  But I loved the cool geometric pattern and when I saw that the sleeves were 3/4 length I thought okay I think I can handle this.  I put this on and I couldn’t get over how amazing it was!  It fits like a glove but the pattern plays to my shape perfectly.  The knit is a high quality so it falls nicely and the length was perfect.  Again I styled this with the same leggings and a pair of fun booties from Full Beauty.  And this pearl studded clutch?  It’s also from Dia!  If you like accessories, they have great options that you can choose to add to your box.  As the weather warms up I would still totally wear this without the leggings and add some sneakers for a casual day look.

The final look is this blue skater dress and denim embroidered jacket.  When I first saw these pieces in my box I knew I wouldn’t wear them till spring but I definitely had plans for them.  The dress is a perfect piece to put on and go, it is a great day dress and super comfy with a stretch fabric and cute strappy details at the shoulders.  I absolutely loved it with the blue embroidery on the jacket.  I have to admit I haven’t necessarily been a fan of denim jackets but I find that so many brands have really improved their fit that I am now loving them.  This is such a cute brunch or day trip look.

I was all about styling this look for spring and when I had ordered these striped sneakers from Full Beauty I knew they would be perfect for this look.  I love the pop of colour that they add to the look and the stripes are totally on trend.  They are the cutest and I can see them being in high rotation this spring.  A pale blue bag and simple accessories completed this look.


The one thing I want to say is that I took these 5 pieces from my Dia box and everything else I added to complete the looks was already in my closet.  Always remember to think about how you can mix and match things you already own with your new pieces.  So tell me which of these looks is your favourite and why?

There are also some affiliate links in this post which I may earn a small commission from. They help me maintain my blog and social media accounts so I can continue to provide you with quality content.

Special thanks to Rebecca of Rebecca Northcott Photography for capturing these images on what was a very windy day!

Do you want to give Dia a try?  Click here to order your first box!

Leather Jacket by all67 | Sneakers by FULL BEAUTY | Booties by RWN by RAWAN | Leggings by TORRID |  

  1. Kristi 1 year ago

    The sweater dress looks especially AMAZING on you! I think the blue dress with the denim jacket is mostly what my style is so for myself I would pick that as my favorite. Great looks all around!!

  2. Jay 1 year ago

    Wow just wow. Love how you look in all of them. But my favorite is the black stripe dress. Sexy yet sophisticated.

  3. Jennifer Farrell 1 year ago

    beautiful !! So in the pic with the leather jacket and red dress black leggings from Torrid where does the purse come from and is it a lock on the left corner of the purse? BTW you rock

    • Author
      mustangsallytwo 1 year ago

      Thank you so much! The bag is from Coach and yes it does have a lock

  4. Al O 1 year ago

    Just so damn sexy. You are one of my brave, beautiful heroes.

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