Happy Monday everyone!  I thought I would do a special long weekend post to show my love and appreciation for all of you and maybe give you a little inspiration for the week ahead.  Plus there is a great sale going on till midnight tonight and I want to share my passion for getting a good deal lol.

A little black dress is considered a staple for every women’s closet and while I completely agree I think that having a go to red dress in your wardrobe is also a must have. There is just something about the colour red that makes me feel a whole different kind of sexy. And I know it can be a tough colour for some gals to wear but I think if you find the right shade it can look great on everyone.

So when I was checking out Lane Bryant’s new arrivals and found the black dress from my last post I also found this cute red number. It’s in a classic shade of red that jumped off the page at me especially since they had photographed it against a pale pink background. I also love that they have started adding videos to the product pages so you can see how the garment moves and looks from all angles.

My number one thing that I look when buying a bodycon dress is the fabric it is made out of. Because unless it is tailor made to my measurements I need something that has some stretch to accommodate my hips. I love that you are seeing more and more pieces being made from high quality Ponte fabrics. They really are a plus size girl’s friend.

The great thing about a good Ponte fabric is that it has a soft touch but looks luxe while still having stretch. And it has more weight than some other stretch fabrics so it isn’t see through. And they wash like a dream.

So how do feel about the cold shoulder trend? It’s been around for awhile now and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. I know some of my fellow blogger fashionistas are over it but I have to say I am still in to it personally. I think it is the practical part of me that it appeals to.

You see I have managed to find great fitting strapless bras and I will wear them so I can wear things that require one because let’s face it I like looking cute but ultimately I want to wear a regular bra. So to me a cold shoulder gives you the best of both worlds. You can wear a regular bra, show some sexy shoulder and get some arm coverage if that is an area you are self conscious about.

This dress has a cute cold shoulder detail and a nice sleeve length. This combined with its high scoop neckline actually make it a great option for the office and going from day to night. Add a blazer over top and some pumps for a sleek office look and then ditch the jacket and put on some strappy sandals for drinks.

I also really like the mesh hem for some visual interest. It is the perfect length for a chic cocktail dress and has princess seams to help define your shape. I am wearing the 28 and I was happy with the fit, VBO and all. I don’t let it stop me from rocking a bodycon anymore, there are bigger things in life to worry about.

It’s funny how fashion evolves. Combining pink and red is something you see everywhere nowadays but I remember it being such a taboo when I was young. You would never see those two colours together. I personally love it and think it provides the opportunity for so many different colour stories depending on what shade you choose. For this look I decided to wear these rose gold block heels from Lane Bryant that I absolutely adore. I reused my same set of Torrid rose gold bangles and these colourful sparkly earrings from H&M. But my fave accessory for this look is this bright pink dragon printed clutch from Aldo. I love how it pops against the dress.

So there is my take on the LRD. Lane Bryant has 40% off for their President’s Day sale until midnight tonight. I gave you the link for this dress and some other cute red dresses they have so be sure to check them out. Do you have a LRD in your closet? If not, what are you waiting for?

This look was provided care of Lane Bryant but all opinions are my own.

Thanks to my booStef of SexyPlus Clothing for helping me make the most of this indoor shoot because of the mountain of snow we had outside!

Dress by LANE BRYANT | Dress alternative by LANE BRYANT | Dress alternative 2 by LANE BRYANT | Dress alternative 3 by LANE BRYANT | Shoes by LANE BRYANT | Bangles by TORRID | Earrings by H&M | Bag by ALDO |

  1. Nigel Rudkin 1 year ago

    What a stunning look! The red suits you so well – sexy and very eye-catching Lisa

  2. Hassan Ibrahim 1 year ago

    I’m so happy to see you

  3. Joe Maya 1 year ago

    Red is the color of sex

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