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Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you all had a great week and have an amazing weekend.  I have a pretty low key weekend planned but I am really excited for the time change.  I have really been struggling with the constant changing temperatures, pressure systems and how dark it is in the morning so I am hoping this will help put a spring back in my step.  And an extra hour of sleep of course doesn’t hurt lol.

Mustangsalytwo x ADDITION ELLE

For today’s post I am going to share the second look that grabbed my attention at the Addition Elle NYFW show.  I have to say it was interesting to see clothes walk down a runway right in front of you.  To see how they moved, what the details were, the way the light would hit the fabric, it was very inspiring.  And while there are often times I want to buy a whole look I see that a brand puts together there are other times that I just like individual aspects of a look and I want to give them my own take.

Mustangsalytwo x ADDITION ELLE

That was definitely the case when I saw this dress and kimono walk down the runway.  I loved the military coat that they had styled with this dress but it just wasn’t a piece that I needed in my wardrobe and it wasn’t practical because I am always hot and wouldn’t wear something that warm.  With the kimono I also loved the pajama style pants but I had just gotten a pair and didn’t need another pair.

Mustangsalytwo x ADDITION ELLE

I have this process where I visualize things in my head and I end up pulling things together in colours, prints, textures and accessories that I like to think is pretty unique.  It’s like I have this inventory in my head of what I already own and I see it all come together.  So while the deep khaki colour of this kimono combined with the raspberry merlot of the dress may seem odd to you, in my mind it just clicked.

Mustangsalytwo x ADDITION ELLE

And my idea was definitely confirmed once I had the chance to see the kimono in person and saw the print on the back of it which made the colour story work perfectly.  I like doing things that are unexpected and that not everyone would think to do, its part of what makes fashion so exciting to me.  I can’t believe how much my style has evolved since I started blogging but I have also realized that what I am comfortable with now was always lying underneath the surface.  It was having the courage to take it to the next level that has been so rewarding.

Mustangsalytwo x ADDITION ELLE

So remember what I always say, self love and confidence doesn’t happen overnight, its a journey and a process and I still have good days and bad days.  But allowing yourself to experiment and go outside of your comfort zone definitely helps.  Even trying something on that you would never have in the past is a step in the right direction.

Mustangsalytwo x ADDITION ELLE

Velvet is one of THE trends for fall.  It is basically everywhere and that includes, pieces for work, for play and even your pjs.  I have always loved this fabric and the richness associated with it.  The variations in texture and colour make such a statement but it also allows for a level of comfort combined with sophistication.  And that is certainly the case with the raspberry/red hue of this dress.  And it also now available in a gorgeous shade of teal and black.

Mustangsalytwo x ADDITION ELLE

A slip dress is a great piece to have in your wardrobe because it is a classic style that can be dressed up or down.  What I really like about this one is the little details they added with the covered buttons on the side hem that are fully functional so you can show a little leg if you want.  There is also the fact that what looks like a lace bralette is actually part of the dress and provides perfect coverage for wearing a regular bra and a little bit of sex appeal.  I am wearing a 4x and I was pleased with the fit.  It is comfortable to sit in and shows off my shape.

Mustangsalytwo x ADDITION ELLE

The kimono is from Jordyn Woods Love & Legend collection.  The colour is absolutely gorgeous and it has that nice silky feel against your skin but the embroidery detail in the back is what makes it a truly special piece.  And I mean who doesn’t want to be a legend in their own right?  Or I like to think of it as making a difference in the world.

Mustangsalytwo x ADDITION ELLE

It was this detail that was the inspiration for pairing it with the dress and how I styled this entire look.  I am also wearing the 4x in this piece and overall I am happy with the fit.  I love the side slits as they are just a practical feature to have for when you sit down.  This would also be perfect for lounging around the house or paired with a great pair of jeans and a tee for a night out.

Mustangsalytwo x ADDITION ELLE

When this dress walked down the runway it was paired with a pair of heeled sandals and the model had legs for days.  This is a great option if you want to dress it up and if you can wear 4 inch stilettos.  Sadly that isn’t an option for me so I decided to wear my suede gold heeled booties that I got last fall from Eloquii.  A bootie is a great choice when it is paired with the kimono because it is a more casual look.  Thankfully velvet booties with gold accents are still a huge trend this fall so I was able to give you a link to an alternative pair.

Mustangsalytwo x ADDITION ELLE

I am going to apologize upfront to anyone who is going to ask me about this bag because this is a piece I also got last fall from Aldo.  I loved how the tonal stripes played off the colour of the dress and it was the perfect choice for this look.  Unfortunately I just couldn’t find anything that was comparable but I did find a fun floral budget friendly option that I think would also look great.  I then played off the gold heel of my boots by adding these statement making earrings from local Canadian brand Meri Peti and some mixed metallic bangles that I have had forever from Penningtons.

Mustangsalytwo x ADDITION ELLE

Well guys the end result is how I took inspiration from the runway and styled a look that was a true reflection of my personality and style.  They say a picture paints a thousand words and I think it is clear from these photos that I felt like a rock star in this outfit.  And regardless of what size you are once you allow yourself to experience those kinds of feelings, no one can take that joy away from you, it is yours and yours alone.

Mustangsalytwo x ADDITION ELLE

Thanks to Katie of Katiuska Idrovo Photography for taking these beautiful photos and making me feel like a supermodel.

Dress by ADDITION ELLE | Kimono by ADDITION ELLE | Bootie by ELOQUII (alternative here) | Earrings by MERI PETI | Bag by ALDO (alternative here) | Bracelets by PENNINGTONS (alternative here) |

  1. Nigel Rudkin 2 years ago

    Love the red velvet dress – sexy and stylish – really suits you!

  2. Joe Maya 2 years ago

    Incredibly sexy as always

  3. Catherine booker 2 years ago

    Ok I saw your fb post about this dress and now that I’ve read your blog post about it I really wish I had bought the kimono to go with the dress! I really love the buttons, they are the perfect surprise detail.

  4. Verona Couture 2 years ago

    Love the crushed velvet look! The jacket looks really good! I love the design in the back of the jacket! Super Kewl!

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