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Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope your week is off to a good start.  I am feeling so much better now that we have some sunshine, I will definitely trade cooler temps with sun for rain and dark skies.  And rain certainly doesn’t help when I need to shoot looks for all of you!   The good news is that I just got back a fresh set of edits from my photographer so we have some great content coming up.

Mustangsallytwo x Lane Bryant

And we are going to start things off with a look from Lane Bryant and more specifically one of their recent Glamour x Lane Bryant collaborations.  Each month Glamour Editors and Lane Bryant Designers collaborate on a collection that reflects current fashion trends.  This collection focused on the hot trend of taking our pajamas and comfy cozy at home styles and elevating them into going out and being seen in public worthy looks both for the office and play.

Mustangsallytwo x Lane Bryant

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this trend at first which is surprising because I am a girl who LOVES her PJ’s but once I saw these pants my mindset started to change.  LB got it right with the sophisticated silhouettes, quality fabrics and rich colour palette of merlot, greys and classic black and white.

Mustangsallytwo x Lane Bryant

If you follow along on my journey you know that Lane Bryant pants can sometimes be a challenge for me in terms of fit.  Given that these were made of a silky material with no stretch I was nervous but I always try.  And that’s the important thing, you never truly know how something will look until you try it on so don’t let your fear get the best of you.  And if it doesn’t fit then just move on to the next piece.  Trust me, I have tried many things on and had them not fit but in the end I usually find something else that I love just as much or more and it fits great.

Mustangsallytwo x Lane Bryant

I am wearing the 28 in these pants and overall I am happy with the fit.  They are a very wide leg and despite my thick thighs they still kept that shape which I was really thrilled about.  They have a half elastic waist so there is no gaping in the waist and they give my butt a great shape.  The fabric is very soft and a good thickness and I love the print, it is graphic but subtle at the same time.

Mustangsallytwo x Lane Bryant

The tie belt is a cute detail that gives them some visual interest.  The thick cuffed hem also provides a very clean and polished leg.  The only thing I didn’t completely love was the rise in the front, I felt like it could have been a little higher.  Just as a point of reference I am 5’6 and I didn’t have the pants hemmed.

Mustangsallytwo x Lane Bryant

So I didn’t really think outside of the box when I paired it with this tank top as that is how they showed it on the website but I did fall in love with the black and white colour combination and the way the white was strategically placed to bring attention to your face.  It also has adjustable straps which are a must have in my books.  And I also liked that the back is elasticized so it conforms to your shape and you don’t have any gaping.  I am wearing my standard LB size a 26/28.

Mustangsallytwo x Lane Bryant

To pull the look together I decided to top it with this black collarless cardigan.  It kind of reminds me of a man’s old fashioned cigarette coat.  This cardigan is a very heavy weight so not only will it keep you warm but it can easily double as a jacket.  I love the big black buttons and the tie at the waist that can cinch you in or that you can leave open and tie in the back like I did here.

Mustangsallytwo x Lane Bryant

I am wearing the 26/28 in this as well.  One thing that I will give LB credit for is their sizing is very consistent.  It’s not often that I don’t fit in a 26/28 or 28.  And this pieces is super versatile, it can be paired with just about anything which makes it a great investment for your wardrobe.

Mustangsallytwo x Lane Bryant

I have to say that my taste in accessories has been changing over the last few months.  I usually tend to love big statement necklaces and colourful pieces but now I am favouring more metallics and statement earrings.  These double gold hoops are also from LB and they are perfect to add some drama but they aren’t too heavy on your ear.  I then added these matte gold bracelet from LB to really give the look some polish, especially if I take the sweater off.  LB really does have great accessories and they always have great sales on them.  I was surprised these ones hadn’t sold out on me before I got to write this post!

Mustangsallytwo x Lane Bryant

Finally I had to add a little bit of sparkle with my Furla satchel bag that is a permanent fixture in my collection.  This is no longer available but I did provide you a link to a great Michael Kors alternative.  And I couldn’t go completely without a pop of colour so I added these cobalt blue flats from Full Beauty.  I loved the contrast of the blue and merlot and how they only peak out when I walk.  Its unexpected and fun!  These are unfortunately sold out but Lane Bryant just came out with a really pretty velour flat in blue that I gave you the link for.  I also added a bold lip to make a statement.

Mustangsallytwo x Lane Bryant

This look is chic and sophisticated but also comfortable and classic.  It’s perfect for the office and can easily transition to night by swapping out the sweater for a velvet jacket or a sheer overlay with the tank.  And now that I shared it with you I can actually wear it to the office!

Mustangsallytwo x Lane Bryant

This look was provided care of Lane Bryant but all opinions expressed are my own.

Thanks to Katie of Katiuska Idrovo Photography for making me look fierce as always.

Pants by LANE BRYANT | Cardigan by LANE BRYANT | Tank by LANE BRYANT | Bracelet by LANE BRYANT | Earrings by LANE BRYANT | Shoe alternative by LANE BRYANT | Bag alternative by MICHAEL KORS |

  1. Nigel Rudkin 2 years ago

    There’s never anyone at my office looks half as good as this!!

    • Author
      mustangsallytwo 2 years ago

      Lol 😂😂😂

      • Nigel Rudkin 2 years ago

        And if there were, I wouldn’t get ANY work done at all …. unless I had my paintbrushes with me – then it’d be a different story!

  2. Jay 2 years ago

    I love this look for you. Very chic!

  3. Joe Maya 2 years ago

    Wow. Just wow.

  4. Riccardo 1 year ago

    You are beatiful… Really!

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