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Happy Tuesday everyone!  I hope you all have a fantastic week and for my American peeps, I hope you had a fantastic memorial day weekend.

Dress by Torrid

For today’s post I am going to talk about my experiences using the MedZone family of products including Chafe Zone for Chub Rub. I am sure you have noticed over the last few months if you follow my Instagram and Facebook that I have been putting their different products to the test.  I want you all to know that I will never promote a product or brand on my blog that I don’t believe in. Money means nothing without my integrity and reputation which mean everything.

I also have had the opportunity to get to know the President & CEO of MedZone, Joe Freeman through this process.  In a virtual world it’s not often anymore that you get to meet the people you are working and collaborating with face to face. So when I had the opportunity to spend some time with Joe in person at the LifeStyled 2017 event presented by Maui Bigelow, I jumped at the chance.  I like to get to know the people behind a brand.  I think it comes from my background in accounting where getting to know my different clients and being a part of their success and helping them through their challenges is what I find most rewarding.

Maui Bigelow and I at the VIP Mixer for Lifestyled 2017, Dress by City Chic USA

When Joe first reached out to me I have to be honest and say I was pretty skeptical about whether Chafe Zone would actually work.  I have been plus size pretty much my entire life and I have tried everything you can think of and never really found anything that worked or at best it provided some temporary relief.  Given how much weight I carry in my thighs I had pretty much resigned myself to always having to wear anti chafing shorts and to getting heat rash while on vacation.

Special thanks to Sydney’s Closet for providing this gorgeous wedding dress

So with a healthy dose of skepticism I decided to give Chafe Zone a try and I can proudly say that I am glad I did and my thighs are certainly grateful.  The moment that I wore a dress without anything underneath was very liberating.  Since it was still cold outside I tried it out at home first.  It was a little weird at first because I am always so used to having something on underneath, you almost feel a little naked!  But the more I walked around the more comfortable I became.  Then when I decided to venture out of the house without them I really got to experience the freedom it gives you, I got to feel the wind for the first time in a long time.

Special thanks to Christian Omeshun for making me this custom dress!

A lot of people have said well I just use deodorant but trust me it’s not the same.  Chafe Zone goes on like deodorant but it provides more coverage and bonds to your skin for long term protection.  I personally love that it is not a sticky or goopy cream and I don’t have to get my hands dirty.  It can be a little tacky when you first apply it but after a couple of minutes it dries to a clear layer.  In terms of smell it does have a hint of a ointment type smell but it is very mild and goes away.
I quickly discovered that it was also effective for preventing other types of rashes, basically whatever part of your body that you may experience skin to skin rubbing or a rash such as under your arms, if you have a tummy apron, your breasts etc.  The other interesting thing I tried was wearing it underneath my shape wear.  Sometimes I want to wear shape wear to define my shape or create a smoother silhouette but I often find that the fabric rubs and causes chafing.  When I used Chafe Zone first I found that it provided a barrier between it and my skin.  So I will pretty much use it all year round now.

Since I was so happy with Chafe Zone I decided to give the other products that they offer a try also.  And I will tell you now that I love them all!  When I first got my samples I was going to Montreal for the weekend and I had a new pair of shoes I wanted to wear but I knew I was going to be doing some walking so I was nervous about getting blisters.  It seemed like it would be a good time to try out Blister Zone which is similar to Chafe Zone but designed to protect your feet from unwanted blisters.  I applied it, put on my socks and my new shoes and away I went.  After several hours of sight seeing I was surprisingly blister free.  I then decided to use it to break in a new pair of shoes for a long day at the office and it worked perfectly.  My wide problem feet are definitely happy that I did.

Next on the list was Pain Zone.  I suffer from lower back pain because I was born with a natural curvature of my spine.  I also am currently managing some major knee injuries.  So let’s just say there are some days like after a long day of shooting for the blog or when it is damp and rainy that I really feel the pain.  Medication takes time to start working so I tried Pain Zone for some immediate relief.  It has a cooling menthol like power to it that instantly starts to work wherever you apply it.  It’s almost like a heating pad sensation.  You can instantly start to feel your muscles relax.  What I realized was that it was very similar to something my chiropractor uses on me called Bio Freeze but it’s  longer lasting, rolls on in a more even consistency and it’s cheaper.  I put it on practically every night before bed so I don’t get as stiff overnight.

Finally there is the magic of Burn Zone.  Ironically this probably ended up being my fave product.  I like to keep things real and sometimes let’s be honest no matter what I do I end up with chafing or heat rash.  On those hottest days of summer unless I reapply every hour it is bound to happen.  And at one point this winter I had worn my shape wear a few days in a row with nylons and it created this horrible friction that gave me one of the worst rashes I had in a long time.  And while I was trying different things to get some relief and nothing was working I remembered I had Burn Zone to try.  I couldn’t believe it when I put it on, it provided instant relief from the horrible itch that was driving me crazy.  And more importantly that relief lasted for hours.

So while I think it is clear that I love all the products, let’s face it there are other options out there. But in the end what sold me was learning about the Company, what they stand for and their desire to work with the plus size community.  MedZone is a family owned company that started out in providing solutions for athletes but they have come to realize that their products can be used by anyone.  Their mission is to “Make EveryBody Feel Better”.  And after spending time with Joe and having the opportunity to collaborate on creative content such as the wedding dress photos and seeing his genuine interest in the community when we were in Atlanta I believe it.  And that is my kind of people!

President and CEO, Joe Freeman and I on the pink carpet

I often like to say that the proof is in the pudding so just don’t take my word for it, go ahead and give it a try!  All products are currently available for purchase on Amazon and the MedZone website.  And I am so sorry but right now there is only shipping to the US but they are working on it!  I get mine shipped to my US PO Box in the mean time.

This post was sponsored but as always all opinions are my own.

Chafe Zone for Chub Rub by MEDZONE | Pain Zone by MEDZONE | Blister Zone by MEDZONE | Burn Zone by MEDZONE |

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