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Happy Thursday everyone, I hope you are having a great week!  Its been a busy one for me so I am really looking forward to the weekend.  I have to admit that keeping up with the blog and working busy season has been a challenge this year.  But when you love what you do you find a way to make it work.  I am also slowly learning that I can only do my best.

For today’s post I am finally getting around to reviewing the Prabal Gurung x Lane Bryant collection.  I have loved all of LB’s designer collaborations so of course I was looking forward to this, I mean he is a total fashion powerhouse!

Overall I have to say that I found the collection was beautiful with well tailored pieces full of unique details and made from high quality fabrics.  It was a pretty neutral colour palette with plenty of navy and black along with some pops of red and his signature floral print.

However, it just didn’t speak to my personal style.  I am not a fan of long sleeves, heavy sweaters or jumpsuits and I couldn’t justify the investment in pieces such as that fabulous lace up skirt that would just not fly at my office.  I will admit that I was completely in love with the floral skirt but I was so disappointed when the 28 didn’t fit.

LB – my one complaint with all the designer collections is that the sizing runs small!  A skirt that is made of a non stretch fabric with full pleats needs to be sized proportionately to allow for this.  It always makes me sad when my American boos go to the store and try it in before I can get it and they all say size up because I don’t have that luxury.

The one piece I did fall in love with is this colour blocked fit and flare dress.  I am a sucker for black and white combined with some pop of colour, particularly red so this dress was definitely my style.  Combine that with the pointe fabric and leather accent and you have my go to style.  I am wearing the size 28 and was happy with the fit.

In the photos of the collection there were pictures of the dress styled with the gorgeous leather jacket that is also part of the collection.  It inspired me to pair it with my faux leather peplum jacket from Lane Bryant.  I have had this jacket for awhile now but when I found it I was in heaven.The fashion gods have been shining down on me this past year with so many great peplum jacket options.  It has been nice to start to wear them again because I can actually find ones that work for my body type.  I am wearing the 26/28 and the fit is fantastic.  I also love that the inside of the arms is sweater material so it allows for some stretch and movement for those of us with larger arms.  The combination of the dress and jacket definitely have a rocker vibe to it so I decided to play off the zipper detail and add some silver polished metal accessories.  These pieces are all from Lane Bryant.  Unfortunately their accessories tend to sell out quickly so these are sold out.  But don’t worry, as always I sourced some great alternatives for you.  I love the impact that these pieces make, they make a statement but they don’t take away from the dress.  So if you are in love with these shoes unfortunately you better stop right now because they are sold out.  I know I know but please don’t hate me because they were too perfect for this look, I had to wear them!  These beauties are from Eloquii and I got them for a steal on clearance in the fall.  I did give you a link to a really cute pair of gingham flats that I think would also look really cute.  Or a red shoe would also be perfect.

Finally I added some white with this Coach bag from my collection.  I loved how the yellow painted edges of the bag popped against the red and I mean look at my bag accessories!  The key chain and scarf are just too cute and definitely make this a Lisa outfit.  I have to say that while I may not have wanted every piece in this collection I am very happy with this dress.  I am simply grateful for the opportunity to buy clothes in my size that are designed by world class straight size designers.  The face of fashion is changing and if you told me five years ago that I was going to be able to wear pieces designed by the likes of Prabal Gurung, I would have said you were crazy.  And yet here we are!  So while we continue to fight to have our voices heard and to have more prescence in the world of mainstream fashion, I savour each victory as it comes.  I can’t wait to see who Lane Bryant collaborates with next!

Thanks to Rob of Robert Skuja Photography for the stunning images of this look.

Dress by PRABAL GURUNG x LANE BRYANT | Jacket by LANE BRYANT | Shoe by ELOQUII (alternative here) | Earrings by LANE BRYANT (alternative here) | Necklace by LANE BRYANT (alternative here) | Bracelets by LANE BRYANT (alternative here) | Ring by LANE BRYANT | Bag by COACH (alternative here) |



  1. Khalifah 2 years ago

    You look gorgeous in this. May I just say that I love your style. The dress, jacket, and shoes go perfect together, and your choice of accessories really set it off. The whole set looks like it made to go together.

  2. Pamela 2 years ago

    As always, you look beautiful but I have to say – I don’t love this collection at all. I think the dress you picked is the best of the lot but still, it just doesn’t work in my humble opinion. LOVE the shoes and jacket… but the dress.. MEH. You, of course, AWESOME!

    • Author
      mustangsallytwo 2 years ago

      I appreciate the honesty and the respectful way you said it! Everything is not for everyone but it is good to have choice I think. ❤️

  3. ali fara 2 years ago

    ❤🌷❤ در تاریخ ۲۰ آوریل ۲۰۱۷ ۲۰:۳۱، “Mustangsallytwo” نوشت:

    > mustangsallytwo posted: “Happy Thursday everyone, I hope you are having a > great week! Its been a busy one for me so I am really looking forward to > the weekend. I have to admit that keeping up with the blog and working > busy season has been a challenge this year. But when you lo” >

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