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Happy Wednesday everyone, I hope you are having a fantastic week!  Today is the first of two Valentine’s Day inspired posts where I am going to talk about one of my favourite clothing items – pajamas!!!


I’ll be honest, I am not someone that you will see doing posts with me wearing lingerie, it just doesn’t fit with my professional career and what I want to do personally.  I love the bra posts I have done that feature brands that cater to us with larger busts and I will always be happy to educate and share all my knowledge with my loyal readers.


Having said that I do love my pj’s and some of you have asked so I decided that I would share what my favourites are.  My absolute go to brand for this is Lane Bryant.  I have been wearing Cacique for years and I have to say I feel they have really stepped up their game in the last year or so.  From the endless choices of truly sexy plus size lingerie including the latest collection by Sophie Theallet to their everyday nighties and pajamas and their underwear, I think there is an option to suit every curvy girl.


After a long hard day at work, I find there is nothing better than being able to slip into something comfortable.  The idea of lounge wear is something new in the last few years.  More and more brands are offering apparel that is comfortable but doesn’t look like pajamas.  I like to call them pieces that are acceptable to open the door for the delivery guy in!


I fell in love with this particular set because it was a group of separates that you could mix and match depending on your personal preferences.  In addition to the pants, cami and sweater I am wearing, there is also a long sleeved shirt, shorts, sleepshirt and jogger style pants to choose from.


I never used to wear sleep pants but I have found as I have gotten older that I am feeling the cold a little more at night time and so I have started to wear them more.  I personally like ones that have a nice wide leg like this because they are a good cut for my pear shape.  These are made of a super soft brushed jersey fabric in a dark grey and I love how they feel on my skin.   I am wearing the size 26/28 and I felt the fit was very generous.  They even have a cute little ribbon draw string waist.



This cami is my favourite style, it has an elastic waist and is long in the length so it gives you ample coverage.  And we can’t forget about my absolute necessity – the adjustable straps.  And with a deep v-neckline you can show a little bit of skin.  As well, the contrast of the soft grey with dark grey trim that matches the pants is a nice detail.


This does not have a built in bra which I don’t really like anyways since I personally don’t find them supportive so I am wearing a bra underneath but you could easily go without.  I am also wearing the size 26/28 in this and was pleased with the fit and the fact it accommodated my large chest.


Finally I am in love with the idea of sweaters or wraps or cover ups that are made to go with your pajamas and lounge wear!  I mean who doesn’t get cold sitting and watching TV or maybe you want some coverage to go and put the garbage out?


Practical pieces like this are pure genius in my mind.  I may be wearing lounge wear but I still want to feel put together.  This particular piece is a cocoon shape with elbow length sleeves and a very oversized fit. As with the other pieces, I am wearing the size 26/28 and it is very generous.


Something you might not know about me is that I love to read a good book and I recently had the chance to pick up “The Art of Dressing Curves” by Susan Moses.  This book is a must read for any curvy girl who wants to learn the basics and also step up her style game.  It is not only full of useful information and tips but beautiful pictures that are sure to leave you inspired.  You can also purchase the book from Lane Bryant.


Over the years I have truly learned the importance of taking time away from the every day to rejuvenate and renew myself so that I can keep thriving, enjoying life and accomplishing my goals.  As woman I think it is hard because we always feel a responsibility to be doing something else.  So my challenge for you this Valentine’s Day is to take some time for yourself – go and buy yourself some new pajamas or lingerie, take a bubble bath, get a massage or mani/pedi, drink a glass of wine with friends or yourself curled up with a good book or Netflix.  Basically do whatever takes you to that happy place.


Stay tuned on Monday for my 2nd look!

This look was provided care of Lane Bryant but all opinions expressed are my own.

Special thanks to Katie of Katiuska Idrovo Photography for not only the stunning images but also for the beautiful hair and make up styling.

Sweater by LANE BRYANT | Cami by LANE BRYANT | Sleep pants by LANE BRYANT | Sleep short by LANE BRYANT | The Art of Dressing Curves by SUSAN MOSES |

  1. Emily Farias 2 years ago

    Adorei seu blog, estou me inspirando para fazer o meu aqui no Brasil. Você é incrível. Beijos
    I lovely your blog, you are amazing! Kisses!

  2. ali 2 years ago

    So so so so gorgeous blog!!! I love love love love it so💜

  3. t. cherie mcadams 2 years ago

    Lisa, how tall are you? I forget if I have ever read that you have mentioned it. I really like this set! I am just wondering if the legs are going to be too long for me, I’m 5’4″ so much stuff usually is. I can always hem them if need be. I was just wondering if it would even be worth it. I would wear the shorts but not pants to bed.

    • Author
      mustangsallytwo 2 years ago

      Hi Hun, I am 5’6. I think they might be ok, I certainly wasn’t tripping over them. The shorts are awesome too!

  4. davetlou 2 years ago

    I really like this pagama Lisa. The two grey are splendid! The necklace is a very good choice and your hairstyle. …omg your hairstyle…. bravo here is another nice blog! 💯💕

  5. Felix 2 years ago

    You are one of the most gorgeous women I´ve ever seen!
    I love the your blog and the pictures are very prety and with a good taste!

  6. Maya 2 years ago

    Loved this! Those pajamas looks super cute, and most importantly, really comfortable ☺️

  7. Sofia 2 years ago

    You’ve sold me. Just placed my order, perfect for Spring weather 😀

  8. ali fara 2 years ago

    I love your blog در تاریخ ۸ فوریهٔ ۲۰۱۷ ۱۹:۳۰، “Mustangsallytwo” نوشت:

    > mustangsallytwo posted: “Happy Wednesday everyone, I hope you are having a > fantastic week! Today is the first of two Valentine’s Day inspired posts > where I am going to talk about one of my favourite clothing items – > pajamas!!! I’ll be honest, I am not someone that you wil” >

  9. Dave Draper 2 years ago

    That hairstyle really suits you. Beautiful! The outfit is truly wonderful, but I just had to comment on your hair!

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