Singing in the Rain

Happy Monday everyone, I am wishing you all the best at the start of this new week.


I apologize for not posting anything last week, I am going through some life changes and found myself having a case of writers block.  I know it’s just a blog but I always try to be inspired in what I write and I guess I am in need of some inspiration right now and positive vibes.  So if you have any please send them my way!


Life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect and we have to make the best of it and do our best to overcome the challenges we may face.  With blogging one of the biggest challenges is the weather!  See most of the time we like to shoot outside as it is has great light and is more importantly free.  But when the rain hits and the snow, we have to get creative.


On the day I had scheduled to shoot this look the weather forecast was predicting a 90% chance of rain, so we had to come up with an alternative.  That’s when I came up with the idea of shooting inside the Art Gallery of Burlington.  Thankfully it rained mostly in the morning and we were able to shoot in and around the Gallery.


I know that I have been on a little bit of a Melissa McCarthy Seven7 kick on the blog lately but honestly I was so in love with her pieces this fall and I couldn’t resist when Penningtons had their last style coupon redemption period purchasing this outfit.


This skirt has a sister in a soft muted blush print  that I first saw on City Line on the beautiful Melissa Shannon a model for Lynn Spence’s style segment.  And so while maybe I bought the skirt in that print too (lol, who am I kidding, of course I did…) I was really drawn to this bold black and white print that ironically is birds but you wouldn’t know it without looking at it up close.


This skirt is a nod to by gone eras.  It is a complete full circle skirt with a light layer of tulle underneath in the lining that keeps it laying perfectly.  The waistband is elastic but it is hidden underneath this lovely faux suede band that draws attention to your waist.  You could also easily tuck a blouse into this skirt to really define your shape.


I love a classic piece that will never go out of style and this certainly fits the bill.  But you can totally make this look more edgy by wearing a fun bootie with some metal accents or a patterned shoe.  You can also make it more casual by throwing on a t-shirt and a  jean jacket which would be perfect for weekend brunch or a trip to the farmer’s market.  I am wearing the size 4x which is my standard Melissa size.


I chose to pair it with this blouse because I loved the simplicity of adding black to such a bold pattern and this allowed me to add some fun in my accessories.  This blouse is made of a stretchy woven fabric and is a perfect everyday piece for the office.  It has a scoop neck, 3/4 length sleeves, side slits, the length is longer in the back then the front and an amazing front tie to add detail and more waist emphasizing powers.  I am wearing the size 4x in this blouse and I found that it was true to size.


When I wear black and white I love mixing in colour and red is probably my absolute favourite to add.  I kept to my simple black patent wedges from Simply Be USA because I love them and they are practical for me.  Then I added my red Coach Phoebe bag and a coordinating printed bag scarf.  I have built up quite a collection of Coach bags because it is my favourite brand.  I love their classic feel and I know they will never go out of style.  And I love a great outlet deal!


For jewelry I went for a little bit of drama with this necklace from Additionelle that I scored half price after Christmas last year.  I liked that it incorporated some red but also added a touch of pink and blue.


And then I had to add another favourite accessory of mine, this super cute bracelet with the lip charm from Torrid.  I always try to express my personality through my accessories and wear something that will make me smile and this bracelet is definitely one of those pieces.


Finally I added this umbrella made by Fulton from The Bay.  It is the same style that Queen Elizabeth II herself uses.  I couldn’t resist the wildflower print that incorporated all the colours from the look and added that touch of whimsy.  And not only is it pretty but it is a high quality umbrella too.


I truly love when the unexpected has amazing results and this look wouldn’t have turned out this way without the challenges I had to overcome.  As I sit here and write this I realize it is time to turn some of my current life challenges into opportunities and see what awesome things I can make happen next.  So let’s have an awesome week!


I would like to say a special thank you to the Art Gallery of Burlington for allowing us to shoot these photos in their beautiful space.  This sculpture is located outside the front entrance of the AGB and is one of the many hidden treasures you will find there right in the heart of downtown Burlington, Ontario.  Be sure to check them out using the links above.


Thanks to Robert of Robert Skuja Photography for once again bringing my vision to life.

Skirt by MELISSA MCCARTHY SEVEN7 FROM PENNINGTONSBlouse by MELISSA MCCARTHY SEVEN7 FROM PENNINGTONS | Shoes by SIMPLY BE USA | Bag by COACH (alternative here) | Bracelet by TORRID (old but alternative here) | Necklace by ADDITIONELLE (old but alternative here) | Umbrella by THE BAY |

  1. weaverpat 3 years ago

    I like most of the clothing you model, but this one has to be a favorite. You look wonderful and the fit is very flattering. The rain seems to have brought out the best in you.

  2. Pamela Fontaine 3 years ago

    Beautiful outfit – you look great as always. Still can’t see the birds in the print on the skirt but I do love the look!

  3. Kristi (janeyrocket) 3 years ago

    Lisa, we have connected before on Instagram but I’ve never told you how much I appreciate that you share where you get everything for your looks. I struggle with shoes because I have some extra-thick ankles. The shoes with this look have inspired me to maybe venture out of my comfort zone and try some new things by looking at the Simply Be shoes. Thank you!

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