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Happy Saturday everyone!

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Today’s post is part 2 of my series inspired by the movie Grease and my custom tutu from Society +.

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Part of what I love about this movie is seeing the transition and growth of Sandy and Danny as they explore the other parts of their personality and examine who they truly are as people.  You have two people that believe they are total opposites when their paths cross outside of their summer love bubble finding out that maybe they have more in common then they think.

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And you see this change in the way they dress.  From Sandy taking off her “shrug” at the dance competition to show a much more revealing top of her dress to Danny wearing his “letter” sweater with his black t-shirt and jeans.

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I can relate to this because I grew up being the good girl doing everything I was told I was supposed to – getting straight A’s, getting into a good university, working part time, volunteering, not dating boys, no drinking, no smoking, no drugs and definitely covering up my fat.  I went to university as this naïve good girl and had never really seen much out of my small town that I grew up in.

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Going to university far away from home provided an opportunity to experience things I had never imagined and I am forever grateful for the time I had to spread my wings.  But it was also a very eye opening experience because deep down I was still that shy timid sheltered girl who didn’t think boys were interested in her and certainly didn’t know how to dress her plus size body.

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At one point in university one of my best friends and I joined Weight Watchers and over the course of about 8 months I lost a significant amount of weight and I started to become more adventurous with my fashion choices.  I remember one summer when we were in school going to a barbeque in shorts and a tank top that showed a tiny bit of my stomach.  That was a huge deal for me and I was so nervous but my guy friends told me how great I looked and I believe a new part of me was born that day.

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At 40 years old I still consider my taste to be pretty conservative but with my own flair and what I believe is the right amount of sex appeal for me.  And there are some outfits that I wear that reflect one part of my style and personality more than others.

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So just like Sandy in the movie, I decided to challenge myself when it came to styling my Society + tutu.  My first look was what I would have automatically chosen, it spoke to my inner good girl and my love of feeling pretty and feminine.  And I absolutely love how it turned out.

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But for this time I wanted to push the envelope a bit and combine good girl with a little bit of sex appeal and edge.

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I was scanning the pages of new items on Torrid’s website one day and I came across this Faux Leather jacket.  It looked pretty ordinary at first and then the image flipped on the screen to one of the back and I was like now this is gorgeous.  This jacket is a great cropped length with this amazing open back that has rows of cording with chunky gold beads on it.  It automatically spoke to my love of details that make a piece unique.  I am wearing the 5x in this jacket which is my typical jacket size for Torrid.  I felt the fit was true to size and I had enough room in the upper arm and shoulders.

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Underneath I decided I wanted to wear this black croc textured corset that is also from Torrid.   I loved the combination of the croc with the jacket.  I am also wearing the 5x in this.  I find that I generally need a 5x in a form fitting piece like this to accommodate the girls and my hips.

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Playing off of the beads on the back of the jacket, I chose to add gold accessories to complete this look.  The bow necklace is also from Torrid and brings a sense of cute with the bow toggle but also a sense of badass because it is chunky in size.

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Then I added a bunch of chunky gold bangles from Avenue, my go to gold flats from Lane Bryant and this studded lip clutch from Torrid.  The final perfect touch for my part bad ass look was my Louis Vuitton sunnies in black and gold.

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I feel the end result is a perfect combination of different parts of my personality and style.  I am not always the good girl, I have some edge to me.  I also don’t always have to dress prim and proper. I like to feel sexy and have fun with my style.  Like Sandy in the movie I have realized that it is okay to be both.

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Stay tuned for the final instalment in this series where I explore a totally different side of me.

Special thanks to Rob of Robert Skuja Photography for bringing my vision to life in these pictures.  It is more than I could have hoped for.

Tutu by Society + | Jacket alternative 1 by LANE BRYANT | Jacket alternative 2 by LANE BRYANT | Corset by TORRID (alternative 1) | Corset by TORRID (alternative 2) | Necklace by TORRID (alternative 1) | Necklace by TORRID (alternative 2) | Bracelets by AVENUE | Clutch by TORRID (alternative 1) | Clutch byTORRID (alternative 2) | Flats by LANE BRYANT (alternative) |

  1. Hanna L 3 years ago

    Love this look, that jacket is so cool! And your tutu is amazing, of course. 🙂

  2. Sofia 3 years ago

    I wasn’t sure about the jacket at first, but it’s really growing on me. Great look!

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