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Happy Wednesday everyone!


Well it is hard to believe it, but it is already December!  There is just 23 days till Christmas and that means we will all be fitting in a wide array of holiday parties and celebrations.  To celebrate my first holiday season as a blogger, I had to do a holiday look book for my loyal readers.  This is the first instalment in this five part series.


Christmas is my favourite holiday so I really enjoyed putting this look book together.  I hope you enjoy it too.


When I first came across this dress and coat, I immediately thought of Christmas.  The bold plaid pattern, a must have trend for right now, in a rich shade of red right down to the sparkle in the single button on the coat.  I could imagine myself in my home town of Sault Ste Marie on a day with a light snow fall and the air crisp and my cheeks rosy.  I like to get dressed up on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day so this would definitely be the look I would choose to celebrate with family and friends.


The dress and coat are from Torrid’s Retro Chic collection.  My personal style tends to be a little bit on the retro side because I love the feminine feel of the era and the styles are perfectly suited for my body type.


The dress is a classic swing style with a boat neck and wide straps that allow you to wear a bra with ease.  It has a nice V shape dip in the back and a belt to cinch you in at the waist.  It is made of a cotton blend with just the right amount of stretch in it.  I also liked that the length was just below my knee.  I am wearing the size 26.


For this style of dress, this is the typical size I would wear at Torrid.  My only complaint is that the belt that comes with the dress is not big enough, I could barely get it done up and it was way too uncomfortable.  I generally find that I have this problem with the belts that come with all Torrid dresses so I have invested in some belts and I just swapped it out with one that I already had in my collection.


I have been looking for a coat like this for some time.  So when I saw it I was in heaven.  Outer wear is a sore spot for me because I constantly struggle trying to find something that fits my shape.  Like blazers, if something fits my shoulders it is usually way too small in the hips and vice versa.


This coat is perfect for me because it is a swing style with textured fabric and a midi length.  To create the retro look it has a 1950’s inspired shawl collar and a one button rhinestone closure.  But the super special feature of this dress is the ultra modern plaid lining.


It’s like a present.  The coat looks great on the outside when done up but then you open it and bam – you are hit with the bold plaid print, a totally fun and unexpected surprise.  It is also a decent weight and made of a polyester/wool blend, definitely enough to keep you warm and toasty on a cold day.  And I appreciate the quality and detail for a great regular price of only $98.50 US.


The Retro Chic collection is a regular feature for Torrid but I have to worn you, if you like something buy it!  Theses pieces always sell out quickly.  I actually bought these back in September.  But I have provided you with some great alternatives.


I decided to pair this look with some simple accessories.  My necklace and earrings are actually from India.  I bought them on eBay a while ago when I was going to my first Indian wedding.  I have to say that eBay is a great place to find unique accessories.  When I was looking for this set, there were 1,000’s of options to choose from and the prices are very reasonable.


And the great thing about Indian jewellery is that the necklaces are adjustable with a string at the back.  That allows me to make it long or short depending on what I am wearing.  I liked the contrast that the pop of green provided.


I then added my go to gold flats (I don’t know what I did before I found these!) and a red patent leather clutch.  Finally I tried something new and wore this crochet hat in red or as we call it up here in Canada, a toque!  It was that extra special piece that brought my snow filled vision to life.


I like to think of this as my “I’m so excited I just saw all the presents under the tree on Christmas morning look”.  It is a classic and timeless look that brings back happy memories of Christmases past.


This look book was shot by my gal Stef of SassyPlus.  I can’t thank her enough for bringing my vision to life.

Dress by TORRID | Coat by TORRID (sold out) | Dress alternative by TORRID | Knit Hat by LANE BRYANT | Coat alternative by ELOQUII | Flats by LANE BRYANT | Clutch alternative |

  1. robbie 4 years ago

    Love the dress and the coat. I’m a plaid fan too.

  2. Rockford Peachy 4 years ago

    LOVE this look! I am a sucker for reds and plaids. And I’m totally envious of how well you pull off that hat (me and hats aren’t friends, hehe).

    • emilygillis 4 years ago

      Thank you! LOL…I never wear hats and I was super nervous to put this on. I have to admit I am still getting used to it!

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