My Denim Look Book: #4 – Jeggings

Happy Thursday everyone!


Look #4 in my denim look book is all about the jegging, a style that has become very popular in the last few years.


To be honest, jeggings and skinny jeans are my worst nightmare.  I have tried on so many pairs and purchased a few that I never really ended up wearing because I just couldn’t find something that fit properly or was actually comfortable once you tried wearing them for a day.


My struggles all relate to the bottom half of my thick thighs close to my knee.  Jeggings typically have a lot of stretch in them but I still find that they are cut narrow in the thigh so if you carry a lot of weight there, the opening isn’t large enough and then I am constantly trying to pull them up.  You can imagine how unattractive that is!


So in my last search of the SWAK Designs website when I was trying to decide on what I was going to order next I came across their new “Odette Jegging” .  The description said they were made of a “super stretchy material” and that they would be the “comfiest plus size lounge pants that you would ever own”.  With a description like that, I decided I would put them to the test.


I’ll be honest when I first took them out of the package, my initial reaction was “I don’t care how stretchy this fabric is, I am never going to get these on!”  But I was proven wrong!  These jeggings are super super stretchy!  I honestly couldn’t believe it.  And the fabric is so soft.


I also like the fact that they have a true zip fly and pocket details to give the illusion of jeans.  I took another risk by ordering the light wash instead of my normal tendency to go dark.  I must admit that I do like the colour, although I would say it is more of a medium wash as opposed to light.


I am wearing the size 5x.  One thing I will say is don’t be scared by the measurements on the size chart.  For some reason the measurements shown are much smaller than what you would normally see for SWAK pieces but they still fit.  I would go with your normal size that you wear in SWAK.  I have contemplated getting the 6x just for some extra room but want to see how much give there is after I wear them a few times.


I decided to make this a complete SWAK look by adding the “Pretty Cami” in classic black.  If you have never purchased one of these tanks, you need to get on it ladies!  This is by far a best seller for the brand and a perfect piece to wear on it’s own in the summer months or for layering the rest of the year.  It hides all flaws!  And the sizing is extremely generous.  I am wearing the 2x.


To top it off I added the “Bianca Chiffon Duster” from the Curvy Kitten collection in this beautiful taupe and black lace/floral print.  Dusters and long sweaters have been a must have trend this year but I have shied away from one till now.


I guess I always felt like they were made for someone tall.  But I love the look of this piece with the streamlined silhouette of the jeggings and the cami.  It is a sophisticated glamorous but still casual look.  I am wearing the 4x.


I chose to belt the cami to define my waist.  This one is an oldy but goody from Penningtons.


I then added a gold necklace and studs from one of my favourite new jewellery sources, Pinch Gear and a statement cuff bracelet from Avenue.  This necklace and earrings is only $10!!!


Then I slipped on my suede peep top heels from Penningtons and added one of my all time favourite bags from my Coach collection.


And yes I am mixing two florals!  I love the look of the two floral prints together and the red in the bag is a little extra bit of visual interest.


This look totally speaks date night.  I think it’s time to take it for a spin…


Thanks to Greg for the awesome photos!  I am so in love with these ones!

Jeggings by SWAK DESIGNS | Cami by SWAK DESIGNS | Duster by SWAK DESIGNS | Belt by PENNINGTONS (similar) | Necklace & Studs by PINCH GEAR (similar) | Gold Cuff by AVENUE | Shoes by PENNINGTONS (similar) |


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