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Today’s post features the amazing designs of the Los Angeles based brand Zelie for She and its fabulous designer Elann Zelie.


On my continuous journey to find new sources of amazing fashion in my size, doing internet searches has been my long standing resource. Up until about 10 months ago I didn’t really use social media. The only reason I had an Instagram account was because of my nail designs and the fact that my nail salon posted them on Instagram.


However when I had the chance to meet some amazing women in the plus size blogging industry last fall I started to follow them on social media and found that they were a wonderful new source with fabulous info on designers and brands I had never heard of or were nervous to try because I didn’t know how the sizing or quality would be.


And what is great about the power of social media is the reach it provides us. There are no geographical limitations, and as a fashionista who loves to shop there is no limit to what I am now able to find and what we can share with one another. I am constantly amazed at the new places I have found to shop in this last 10 months, the ones I still have yet to try out and the ones I have yet to discover. I have been plus size for most of my life and when I think back 10 or 15 years ago, I can’t believe how much more choice we have. Yet in 2015, Canada still only has 2 brick and mortar national retailers that are exclusively plus size!


I have to thank Cynthia of the well renowned blog “Flight of the Fat Girl” for introducing me to Zelie for She. One day I came across Cynthia’s pictures on Instagram promoting her post “French Curves: Crop Top” which features a beautiful blush Zelie for She crop top. Whenever I see pictures on Instagram or read a blog post that highlights a brand or designer I have never heard of, the first thing I do is check out their website.


I was immediately impressed with Zelie for She’s story and the idea of the exclusivity of the pieces. It’s not mass produced, it is a real fashion designer showcasing seasonal collections. And for my budget friendly girls, I thought the prices were very reasonable for the fact that it was limited production and quality garments. Again, with only 2 stores in Canada, it is easy for many women to be wearing the same thing. And I guess I like to stand out from the crowd…


So while I loved the clothes I once again found myself concerned that nothing would fit me based on the measurements on their size chart. I will admit I left my first visit to their site disappointed and defeated. Yet again I had found something exciting, different and fresh that didn’t come in my size.


A little time had passed and Cynthia did another post featuring one of their dresses. I decided to reach out to her on Instagram and ask about fit. She said that their fit was actually pretty generous and encouraged me to give it a try.


I have to thank Cynthia for that encouragement because when Zelie started promoting their last collection “Island Vibes” I instantly fell in love. I love Caribbean cruises and the colours and prints and the laid back flowy feel of the pieces in this collection immediately spoke to me. As soon as the collection was available I immediately ordered the beautiful pink “Hibiscus” dress (which is featured in Look #2 of My Swimsuit Look Book) and this stunning set, the “Take Me Away” in the most gorgeous shade of teal.


Can I just say how much I am in love with this look? I am gearing up for my fall cruise and starting to think about what looks I will take with me and this will definitely be one of them.


I was a little nervous when I took this top out of the package. First off, it was my first crop top purchase. But I figured if I am going to wear one it might as well be on vacation. I mean, I’m never going to see these people again right? Second, I couldn’t quite imagine how I was going to fit my large chest in it. Well to my surprise the fabric has a lot of stretch and I was happily able to get into it. I liked that it was fitted because it helped the girls feel more secure.


I purchased this set in the 3x. The skirt is fantastic, I have a tonne of room in it and the wide waist band makes it very comfortable. And I’m not wearing any shape wear! For the ladies who are on the shorter side, unfortunately you would probably need to get the skirt hemmed as it is touching the floor on me. And yes, I am wearing a strapless bra with this top. The back is very low cut but you can make it work. I have a fabulous multi wear bra from Lane Bryant that comes with a clear back panel that I think will be a great option for this. The braided halter tie is a beautiful feature and allows you to adjust it to make it fit best for you.


I wanted to keep the look simple so I went with this stunning silver statement necklace that I borrowed from a friend to frame the neckline and nothing else but some free flowing wavy hair. If I had to wear shoes I would throw on my go to flat pewter metallic sandals from Avenue. If I could go barefoot I would!


So unfortunately this entire set is no longer available. Zelie for She is having an end of summer sale where limited pieces, including the top are available. However, stay tuned, her new collection STRIPPED drops August 20th!!! I recommend following her on Instagram or signing up for emails, it’s the best way to get first access because things sell out quickly!


I have to give a special shout out to the beautiful young girl who was driving by with her Mom when I was taking these pictures and took the time to yell out of their car that I looked beautiful. I think it is important that we empower this next generation of young women to appreciate and love their bodies no matter what and that as women we need to be kind to one another. I know that her kindness made my day.


And hell yes, I will be rocking this crop top on vacation! Woohoo!!!

These beautiful shots were taken by the fabulous Thera Warren of Cloud 14+. Thanks girl!

Items Still Available in ZELIE FOR SHE Summer Sale | Necklace by ALDO ACCESSORIES |

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  1. John Wilson 4 years ago

    Lisa that is an amazing outfit ! The colour is beautiful . The top sexy and skirt lovely just flows . And with ur hair down you look so mysterious and classy . Would be a honour to walk into a room with such a beautiful lady .

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