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Today’s post is highlighting another one of my favourite online brands, SWAK Designs.


I discovered SWAK while doing some random online searches about 3 years ago. At the time I was a size 32 and I was looking for some other choices in my size as there were very limited options out there in a size 32.


For this look I am wearing the “Eternity Convertible Maxi Dress” in the most fabulous shade of blue. The convertible dress is a signature piece for SWAK Designs. The concept is that the ways you can wear the top of this dress are endless. This allows you to customize it to suit your tastes and what is flattering for your body type. It also provides the opportunity for you to change your look up for different occasions which makes it a versatile piece. I also think it is a must have staple for any woman’s wardrobe.


SWAK typically carries it in basic colours such as black and white all year round and then it will come out with seasonal colours as well. And if you don’t like the maxi length they also have a knee length version. It is made out of a super soft jersey fabric that glides over your curves beautifully. I am going to warn you that you need to be prepared when you take it out of the package, it will be wrinkled!  But it is nothing that a steam or iron can’t fix.


I decided to purchase this dress for my cruise this fall. It was actually a déjà vu moment as the first item I ever ordered from SWAK was this dress but when it came in the mail I honestly couldn’t figure out how to tie the top in a way that I liked and I gave up and sent it back.  The dress comes in two sizes – 1x to 3x and 4x to 6x. I am generally a size 4x in most SWAK pieces so I purchased the 4x to 6x.


Compared to when I bought the dress the first time I feel that SWAK has invested considerable time in developing their “Wrap 101” instructional videos that show you how to properly tie the top of the dress depending on which look you are going for.  Marcy Guevera, of the “Marcy Minute” does a great job of giving step to by step by instructions for each of the looks.


I decided to put 3 different styles to the test. The first was the “Jenny” which SWAK describes as “classic and flirty” and I completely agree.


What I love about this look is that you can wear a real bra!


Ok so you will need one that converts to a racer back but that is something that is readily available now a days and it doesn’t need to be a multi way one which I find doesn’t always have the best support.


I would recommend the plunge bra by Lane Bryant.



I chose to dress this up with gold accessories to really show how glam this dress can be and perfect for even the most formal of occasions.




The second is the “Anna” which is also described as “classic and flirty”.


However, I decided to ramp up the sex appeal on this one and did my own variation where I twisted the pieces all the way across my back and did not turn it into a cap sleeve.


I really loved the more open feel of this change I made.


For this look I decided to go with silver accessories and some fun shoes.



I went with statement earrings and no necklace to let the twists speak for themselves.


Finally, I chose the “Ava” which is “classic and flirty but with some edge”.


I am not a huge fan of strapless dresses because I find a strapless bra does not provide me the same support and definition that a regular bra does. But I wanted to test out the theory that this dress provides “great support”. To say I was skeptical was an understatement but I’m going to give Marcy her props on this one, the support is truly amazing!


If you follow the instructions correctly and really wrap the fabric tight, it is awesome; the girls looked great and were secure. It helps bring the top of your bra in which is often a problem with strapless ones.


To accessorize this look, I decided to show how this can also be a more relaxed date night or vacation option with some metallic flat strappy sandals and my simple but beautiful larimar necklace (the stone of the Caribbean).


I also wanted to make it a bit more playful so I added a bright pop of colour with the casual pink clutch.


So I am sure you are all wondering if I had help in recreating these looks and I will be honest and say yes, my friend helped out. I do think that all it takes is a little practice and you will be able to do it yourself. By the time we got to the third look I was definitely getting the hang of it.









So I’d love your feedback – which look do you like the best?

Thank you to Karen (aka Burlington Mom) for the photos!

Dress by SWAK Designs 

  1. Pam 4 years ago

    I like the Jenny best. Though the twists in the Anna are an unexpected detail.

  2. P 4 years ago

    Actually – I might like the Anna best. They are all nice.

  3. John Wilson 4 years ago

    That is a very classy dress , lovely colour and flows over your wonderful curves . Personally i prefer the strapless look sexy yet elagant .

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