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For today’s post I decided to make it a Canadian affair.

For all my fellow Canadians you know that the choices for plus size retailers is limited in this great country of ours. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have some great options available!

One day I was scrolling the new arrivals section of the Additionelle website and I came across this dress. I would normally have passed it by because it was strapless but I loved the colour which is certainly on trend right now and the idea of the print and fabric.


So to my fellow ladies that wear a size greater than a 24 you may be wondering why I look at Additionelle’s website when they only carry size 12 to 24.


I am a very determined person by nature and when it comes to my approach to shopping, I am no different. About 18 months ago, I had lost some weight where I was a size 32 and was back down to a size 26/28. I hadn’t shopped at Additionelle for a long time because nothing fit me.


One day I decided to go in the store and try some things on to see if anything fit. I was a little bit apprehensive but a sales associate came to help me and I just started picking out items, mostly tops because I wasn’t sure if bottoms would fit me. I automatically asked for a size 4x and I shied away from anything that came in 12 to 24. When I was done going through the store, I had a room full of clothes to try on.


The sales associates had gotten wind of my story and were very supportive. Things started out well – it ended up that in many tops I actually only needed a 3x! The sales associates even convinced me to try a couple of blouses in a 24 and they fit too! At this point I was feeling very excited and so happy that I could now shop at Additionelle again. Then came my next scary moment…


Margaret, the sales associate who was helping me in the change room asked me why I hadn’t tried on any bottoms. I sheepishly said that I didn’t think anything would fit. And she said, well you don’t know until you try!


She asked me if there was anything particular that I needed and I said jeans. So she brought me a couple of options to try. The first pair I picked up that she had brought me were a size 22 as they didn’t have the 24 available and they were WilliamRast. My immediate reaction – a) OMG Justin Timberlake makes jeans and b) these are certainly not going to fit me! Well to my surprise I could get them on and zip them up no problem. I remember standing in the dressing room in complete shock and disbelief.


I opened up the door and proudly showed them off to Margaret and the rest of the team. While ultimately I was uncomfortable with how the jeans made my leg look, Margaret was able to find me another great option (please bring back the curvy jean in a size 26 AE! :)).


What I realized that day is you can’t focus on the number on the tag. Brands and lines within brands are all cut differently and depending on the piece you just never know how it will fit. I have found many great pieces since this shopping experience because I don’t let myself get defeated by what is on the tag. And ladies, it’s also okay to have to size up! Don’t get hung up in that, if it fits well and you feel great than the number on the tag shouldn’t matter. I sometimes have to by a 30 bottom because of my very curvy booty and thighs and I have made peace with that.


So back to this stunning dress! It is from the Michel Studio line. Lace has been such a hot trend this year but what I loved about this look was that instead of a traditional lace pattern, it was a geometric so it was something unique and different. I am wearing a 4x.


I am a huge fan of dresses as they work well for my body type and lifestyle. I love this dress because it can be styled many different ways and since it is knee length it is perfect for a variety of events. I also consider it be something that can be worn year round because the colour will work for any season.


Since I am pear shaped I found the top a little bit big but nothing that I couldn’t make work. The dress does come with straps and although they are very narrow and you would still want to wear a strapless bra, I did feel a little more comfortable with the straps on.


Now I will be honest and let you know that if you need something in a size 4x, there is a good chance that you will have to order it online as there tends to be a limited number of this size in the actual store or they are gone in a flash! Don’t let this discourage you.


Additionelle has great shipping rates and often has free shipping events or free shipping if you spend more than $100 and generous return policies. And for my American readers – Additionelle ships to you as well.  Now is a great time to take advantage of the buying power of your American dollar!  Did you know that if you are part of their reward program and are a VIP member, you can have an item sent in from another store in your size for free as long as the price is $49.99 or higher? I often use this fabulous service in order to take advantage of in-store coupons and rewards.


I chose to pair this dress with an absolute stunning statement necklace and earrings from Symone Kelly. Symone Kelly is an online based accessories boutique. Even better, Symone is based out of Toronto and I love to support the local small business owner! Their mission is “to source out quality fashion jewellery and accessories and provide you with unique, trendy, and stylish pieces that make a statement”.


I feel they do a great job of achieving their mission and ever since I found their pieces, I have been in love. This piece is over the top, I’m not denying that, but against the royal blue and a strapless neckline all the colours and richness of the jewel tones come to life. I added a great gold bracelet and wore my hair up to accentuate the neckline and allow the jewellery to shine.


For a pop of colour I added this red patent leather clutch and kept the shoes neutral to help elongate my legs.

350 (1)

Since my first post where I did a side by side comparison with the model was so popular, I have decided to do it again. Here it is:

  additionelle_314368_39_2           376

additionelle_314368_39_1     344

A special thank you and shout out to the wonderful staff at the Riocan Centre Burloak location in Oakville Ontario.  You always provide great customer service and honest opinions which I very much appreciate.

So I think this look is going to make it into my suit case for my fall cruise – bon voyage!


Thank you to Karen (aka my Burlington Mom) for the awesome photos.

Dress by ADDITIONELLE | Necklace & Earrings by SYMONE KELLY (sold out but similar) | Bracelet by AVENUE | Clutch by Nine West (similar here) | Shoes by ZAPPOS

  1. quanshona 4 years ago

    You look great! I love the advice about not worrying about the numbers on the tag just concentrate on the fit.

  2. John Wilson 4 years ago

    Lisa a lovely blue dress . Love thats its strapless and short . I can see you love it to with that beautiful smile 💖💖

  3. Joanne 4 years ago

    You look lovely in this dress 🙂 I also love shopping at Additionelle. Your necklace and earrings are so pretty with the dress is a wonderful choice

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